• 15 Feb 2017 19:50 | David Hamilton (Administrator)

    RCPT-USA Teamed up with Skydive Palatka and American Airborne Group for Operation SandSnake 6-12 February 2017.  On 6 February, 8 RCPT-USA JMs  participated in the annual JM refresher, to synchronize procedures for the upcoming Air Show Season. All set up Release Points, calculated wind drift using Pilot Balloons, and verified RPs by calling in VIRS from the ground with streamers released to confirm the calculated RP. 

    On 7-9 February, 2 skydivers learned round canopy procedures, round canopy  packing to prepare for the Foreign Wings jumps on the weekend. On 8-9 Feb, Dave Munoz taught SF 10 A packing to new and experienced jumpers. 9 February provided a SF10A refresher for several returning jumpers.

    10-12 February provided static line round and free-fall jumps with Foreign JMs from Thailand, Estonia, Italy, and the Philippines, thanks to the American Airborne Group.

    All in all, it was a great event, with lots of camaraderie and Airborne fun! Despite aircraft cancellations,  competing events, severe weather the resourcefulness and flexibility of  the Skydive Palatka staff and JM teams

  • 20 Sep 2016 19:42 | David Hamilton (Administrator)


    A team of RCPT-USA parachutists traveled to Park Latour,  Oirschott, Netherlands from 14-18 September 2016 to commemorate the 72nd Anniversary of Operation MARKET GARDEN with 4 Jumps in to historic and memorial Drop Zones. Jim Logg, Tom and Mary Ann McMullen, Tienie Van Schoor, Dave and Jane Hamilton, Stephen Mitchener, and JD Wilson. Round Canopy Parachuting Team in Europe hosted the event, which included jumps at DZ Crossroads, DZ Roond, DZ Grave, and DZ Valkenswaard. More than 70 international parachutists participated in the 4 drops. Memorial Ceremonies and wreath layings at the Crossroads Battlefeild Memorial Marker from the E Co, 2/506 PIR Action on 5 October 1944, The  Resistance Monument in the Kampina Forest, The Grave Bridge Memorial and the British Cemetery in  Valkenswaard tied the jumps to the historic sacrifices of the Soldiers, Airmen, Paratroopers on each side of the conflict, as well as the long sacrifices of the occupied peoples across the continent, and the contributions of Resistance forces to victory. Great international camaraderie, professional planning and execution, and rustic but comfortable accommodations made for a great event!! Thanks to RCPT, Hubert Achten, Dominique Jamie, and Peter Braun for planning and hosting just a great event!!


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